Why taking action creates Success

“How well do you know yourself?” Do you often think you can only do this much and not more.

Most of the time we think a lot instead of taking action. We do a mental calculation about the negatives and positives about taking a action. At times we are not sure of our own capability for accomplishing a task as we doubt our capability. These doubts could be because of previous memories, inaction, inertia. These thoughts are brain's way of protecting us against the uncertainty, the anxiety and the fear of failure. Anything beyond your comfort- zone will produce anxiety and fear of failure.

“The best way to overcome fear is to plan and take action"

As you plan some of the fears get taken care of as you give your thoughts a structure. The plan gives you a roadmap and a starting point. Most of us are afraid of the starting point as when we have a picture of the whole project and we don't break it into parts. We either see ourselves as a complete success or complete failure. In fact, people who want to see themselves as complete success are the ones who are more scared of the action. The plan should have some realistic targets and also some planning for the setbacks. As you experience working you will have setbacks, your brain will create signals for you to leave it as it might not be the right thing to do. Some people leave it there and some will carry on of setbacks. They will keep correcting themselves on the way

“Continuity makes it happen”

As you focus on something with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, you strengthen your brain’s neural pathways. The neural pathways are developed as the person is doing something i.e. performing a task. Typically, there are several to many steps involved in the accomplishment of the task. The continuity by which each task transitions into the next task will greatly influence the anticipation or the distraction from the next task. Also, the completion of each step reinforces the confidence.

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