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Welcome to the Mind ReOrg, a forward thinking coaching consultancy based in Maidenhead.

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Gable End, Curls Lane

Maidenhead SL6 2QF

Personal Development

Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching helps when clients feel incongruent with the roles that they have been playing within their lives. 

"This is a journey of discovery, of recognising your potential and acknowledging your strengths, realising you have all the answers you need to achieve your goals."

- Emma Tyer

Become a visionary

 If you are thinking of personal development we can help you


  • To have clear vision, define goals, prioritize and set deadlines.

  • To raise self-awareness, to understand strengths and overcome limitations.

  • To build Confidence and motivation to achieve the desired goals

  • For effective management of work related anxiety & stress and to feel supported

  • To maintain work life balance and to focus on a bigger purpose in life.