Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is the process of engaging in regular, structured conversation with a client who is within a business. The goal is to enhance the client's awareness and behaviour in order to achieve business objectives for both the client and the organisation.

"A masterful coach is a vision builder and value shaper... Who enters into the learning system of a person, business or social institution with the intent of improving it so as to impact people's ability to perform"

- Robert Hargrove (Masterful Coaching)

How we can help

We help our Business clients manage their self/ work/ business  through our ‘Three Step Development Programme’ for Business and Self- Development.  The Three Step development plan is designed to help you, " The Entrepreneur"-

  1. To assess the gap between your vision and the current stage of the business and self.

  2. To provide one to one as well as Team coaching to reflect and evaluate the existing approach, setting Business and financial goals and focus on achieving those goals.

  3. To formulate strategy to make your  work/ business efficient by focussing on improving  Business Competencies and creating value for your customers.

  4. To effectively manage stress and anxiety related with running the business.

  5. Work through change and manage transitions.