My name is Navjeet Grewal and I am the founder of The Mind Re-org. I am a client focussed Personal development coach. I help my clients explore their Developmental objectives* to achieve their career, business, financial as well as personal goals. I have 15years of experience of working in Financial Markets as a trader and an investor, Business Manager and a Psychological Coach. I help Executives, Leaders, Entrepreneurs to achieve their work as well as personal objectives effectively with minimum stress and anxiety. 

- Navjeet Grewal (BSc, MBA, CAM, MA in Psychological Coaching)

How I work


My way of working is to fully immerse myself into a client's situation. The coaching sessions help clients re-evaluate their approach, guided by their values and  increased self-awareness to succeed in their challenging environments.  Being a psychological Coach, I can understand how challenges at work and in personal life can impact the client emotionally.  I coach to enable clients respond to the challenges creatively by containing anxiety and integrating more aspects about themselves with increased self-efficacy. My clients feel different and more confident in their decisions after the coaching sessions. I always encourage and support my clients to identify and strengthen their inner and outer sources of power.

For my own professional and personal development, I have regular coaching and supervision sessions to improve my coaching skills and provide the best for my clients. I have experience and qualifications in Business as well as Psychological Coaching. My experience in dealing with the financial markets has been very beneficial to understand the effects of volatility and uncertainty on human mind. Trading and investing have given me the experience necessary to comprehend the external pressures and needs of businesses especially the financial aspect of a business.

My experience of coaching corporate clients has helped me develop an insight into complex challenges faced by the clients and how coaching can help them perform well in those complex circumstances. I have helped clients advance in their careers, learn how to handle leadership challenges, become better negotiators, develop leadership competencies, deal with stress, anxiety and become very confident decision makers. I have helped clients handle career and business transitions more effectively. I do one-to-one coaching as well as Team Coaching. 

In my spare time I have been helping young offenders find their footing again by volunteering with the Youth Offending Team of the Slough Children's Services Trust since 2009. I continue to provide free assistance and coaching for the benefit of young people in the UK. I am also a volunteer Coach at Shaw Trust helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and reaching their goals to lead a happy and stress free life