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Hi my name is Navjeet Grewal. I am an APECS accredited Executive coach with a passion for helping Executives & people in leadership positions overcome the feeling of otherness and thrive being different and authentic to help them achieve their full potential. Also, I help leaders and their teams develop inclusive leadership capabilities using vertical leadership framework.

Being a woman, an Asian woman and having lived and worked in India, Japan and now in UK, I have experienced multiple cultural changes. I have experienced new environments, new cultures, being seen as other, feeling as other, prejudices being a representative of a minority community with the perceived value attached to this membership.

Being the other, there is always a need to fit in, to be welcomed or accepted as part of the new environment. Working in the organisations, the need to fit in can affect your confidence, your authenticity; especially if you are in a leadership position or want to take a leadership position.  Moreover, It can negatively impact your behaviour, your performance as you might be shying away socialising with your bosses, colleagues, or feel uncomfortable being vulnerable. Inclusive leadership is to create the systems within the organisation which makes adaptive work possible for people who represent minorities or not a member of the popular group.  

I work with clients 1-2-1 who experience otherness because of being a minority, different culture, ethnic background, gender gap and gender preferences. I help them embrace otherness, transcend the difference, help them be authentic and use the benefits of being different to achieve the collective purpose.

I work with leaders to help them develop inclusive leadership to create an environment within the organisation which fosters openness, discussions, psychological safety for everyone.

My clients find my coaching transformational as the sessions opens their minds to new ways of thinking, new possibilities, and their authentic way of thinking and taking action. My coaching style is fun, supportive, and challenging. It gives me absolute pleasure to see my clients in just a couple of sessions becoming clear about their vision, start enjoying the process of development and getting that confidence and control needed to be in the driving seat of their challenges or opportunities at work and in personal life.

In my spare time I have been helping young offenders find their footing again by volunteering with the Youth Offending Team of the Slough Children's Services Trust since 2009. I continue to provide free assistance and coaching for the benefit of young people in the UK. I am also a volunteer Coach at Shaw Trust helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and reaching their goals to lead a happy and stress free life.

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My qualifications

B.Sc, CAM, MBA, MA in Psychological Coaching.

Diploma in Group Facilitation (Gestalt)

Authorised Harthill LDF Practitioner (vertical leadership Development Framework.)

APECS accredited Executive Coach.